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Private Care Daycare


We are offering an exciting new approach to Doggy Daycare! We are the only daycare in the area focusing exclusively on human-dog interaction. Dogs will be dropped off in the morning, entertained throughout the day, and return home tired and happy. Our private daycare is completely customized to your pet's individual needs. Your dog will have 4 activity sessions throughout the day to get outside and romp around our 50ft play yard. There is also a sizable indoor playroom for inclement weather. It even has a couch for the cuddle bugs!

Our program is unlike your typical doggy daycare program. Conventional doggy daycare can be a great way for your dog to learn social skills with other dogs. However, not all dogs are suited for group interactions. Many dogs can even find group play more stressful than beneficial. This program focuses on those dogs that may prefer one-on-one interaction with a person. Spacing is limited so we can provide the attention these dogs deserve.

This new and innovative approach to daycare is perfect for:


john dog

Some suggested activities to keep your dog busy are:


Private Daycare Contract

New clients should plan a little time to fill out the Private Daycare contract before check-in, available here.


Private Daycare Rates:

Daily: $30

Each additional dog: $26

Half Day: $20

*Full day rates are based on 4 activity sessions for at least 15 minutes. Rates may be customized based on needs*


Discount Passes:

5 day pass: $140 ($28/day)

10 day pass: $260 ($26/day)

*Daycare passes expire after 60 days*

*Spacing is limited. Please reserve spot in advance.*